Writing is a complex type of speech activity for language users: the separation of time and distance between the author and the reader makes it impossible to do corrections and clarifications in the process of perceiving the text, thus requiring from an author such speech characteristics as accuracy and precision.

The latter are not those that are acquired naturally, but on the contrary, are assimilated in formal conditions. Therefore, it is believed that writing should be simple and accessible.

Essays help to achieve this goal. This is one of the most common and effective ways to teach writing in English today. However, as practice shows, writing an essay requires a lot of knowledge, skills, and time from schoolchildren and students. When creating an essay, you need:

  • Prove a high level of own knowledge in the chosen scientific specialty;
  • Demonstrate a tendency to self-analysis of fundamental and applied scientific problems;
  • Formulate and substantiate the initial scientific positions and ideas underlying the study.

In addition, the essay should be a creative and independent research work. The presentation of the material should not be limited to a descriptive approach to the disclosure of the chosen topic, but should also reflect the author’s analytical assessment of the problem and own point of view on possible solutions. If you can’t handle the task on your own, you can always contact the service Domyessay.net and get professional help from experts, who offer custom papers online. Pay attention please that they can do your essays for you at an affordable price and provide free edits. So, in case of any difficulties, do not waste time, but immediately contact them.

If you have a desire to learn how to create a good essay in English yourself, then the tips below will definitely help you with this.

How to Create Great Essays Without Problems: Expert Tips

10 Tips to Write a Very Good Essay in English

Follow the advice of experts on writing an essay and you will definitely be able to create a good paper:

  1. Following the main stages of preparation and execution of an essay. When creating an essay, try to follow this algorithm: selection and justification of the topic; research of theoretical sources on the chosen topic; drawing up a work plan; a collection of necessary practical information; paper writing; formation of conclusions; essay arrangement in accordance with the requirements;
  2. Choosing and consolidating the topic of an essay. The selection and consolidation of a specific topic of work are recommended to be carried out in an academic group under the guidance of a teacher. The student has the right to propose the topic of an essay, which is not included in the topic approved by the department. Such a topic may be approved after consultation with the teacher;
  3. Selection and processing of literary sources on the topic of work. Working with the literature, it is necessary to thoroughly process the information on the research topic. Individual statements, opinions, facts that interest students should be stated in own words or given in the form of quotations with obligatory reference to primary sources. According to the collected theoretical material, it is necessary to think over once again and to specify the maintenance of questions of the plan of an essay, to define, on what question the additional studying of literary sources is necessary. All used literature is included in the list of bibliography;
  4. Drawing up an essay plan. The next step is to make a plan. A plan is a list of logically related issues that reveal a topic. The student can make an essay plan independently or use a sample plan proposed in the guidelines. When drawing up the plan it is necessary to consider the requirements concerning work and own scientific interests;
  5. Preparation of practical material. The theoretical provisions presented in the work should be confirmed and deepened by practical materials. The collected practical material must be properly processed so that it can be used in the essay. First of all, it is necessary to ensure the clarity and reliability of practical material, grouping and comparing data, but the numbers of tables and appendices, organically linking them with the text of the work;
  6. Paper writing. When creating an essay, the student is obliged to cover the materials on the topic of the work in writing, to reveal the knowledge acquired in the educational process and in the study of literary sources;
  7. Structure and rules of work design. The structural elements of an essay usually include the following: content, introduction, main part, conclusions and suggestions, list of sources used. When writing a paper, you should remember that not only the content is evaluated but also the quality of the presented material, the literary writing of the text, the correctness and quality of its design;
  8. Specificity of creating the main part. The main part should contain a thorough presentation of the entire study of the selected topic. The student should show own ability to summarize theoretical material on the hosen topic, monographs, periodicals, laws, and regulations, as well as to express own position and confirm it with arguments. References to the used literature, quotations, ideas, other information used in the work are obligatory;
  9. Writing a conclusion. The conclusion shows the extent to which the tasks have been solved and the goal of the work has been achieved. Conclusions must be specific and reasoned. It is important to support each conclusion with the necessary explanations;
  10. Text editing. At the final stage of writing an essay, you should edit it, re-read the text several times, and correct mistakes and inaccuracies. Particular attention should be paid to the style of work – scientific and professional, which is concretized by the student’s ability to accurately and reasonably express own views, the ability to reveal specific examples of unity of theory and practice, the presence of conceptual apparatus, conclusions on each issue.

So, if you want to write a very good essay in English, use the tips above. They will definitely help you reach this goal!