Xiaomi Redmi Y2 Hidden Features | Tips and Tricks | Secret Settings

Hello Friends, Today we are show you some amazing Tips and Tricks | Hidden Features of Xiaomi Redmi Y2. Let’s talk about Top hidden Features of Y2 in Details.

1) Picture in Picture (Multi-tasking):

Suppose you are watching video on Youtube at same time you getting notification from whatsapp or any other application. I think you was stop your youtube video but with the help of PICTURE IN PICTURE function. You will chat you will be chat with your friends while watching the videos
How to Enable it: Suppose you watching video on youtube >> Must sure video playing on FULL SCREEN >> You just click on HOME BUTTON >> System Automatically enable multi-window.
This Function is also working on Google Maps.

2) How to Take Screen Shot and How to Take Longscreen Shot:

In the Modern, ScreenShots is very important for peoples and It’s very helpfull for readers.
How to Take Screen Shot in Xiaomi Y2: Just Swipe 3 finger on screen.

Sometimes some important information is very lengthly but screenshot save on ly single page information. We will show you how to take Long-Screenshot.
How to Take Long Screen Shot: Just swipe 3 fingers on screen >> System Automatically take screenshot >> After take screenshot you will seen on right top side >> Click on capture screenshot >> First option CLICK ON SCROLL >> When you click on Scroll, System automatically scroll the page down and you will scroll the page according to your need.

3) How to Increase Your Phone Security (Protected from Malwares):

Do this simple settings for increase your smartphone protection.
How to Enable it Go to Settings >> Click on Security >> Click on Google Play Protection >> Enable the options [ SCAN DEVICE FOR SECURITY THREATS] and [IMPROVE HARMFULL APP DETECTION].

4) How to Lock our Home Layout:

This function is very helpfull for users because sometimes child while using phone, Delete some important Applications. After setup this setting, child will only use your phone because System will Lock you Uninstallation button. You will easily enable it and You will easily disable it.
How to Enable it: Long Press on Home screen >> Click on settings >> Enable the HOME SCREEN LAYOUT.


5) How to Setup Lock Screen Wallpaper and It’s Change automatically everytime:

This features is new and very intresting because we will change our wallpaper manually but Now it’s works automatically WAOO.

How to Enable it: Press you Power button and Lock your phone >> Click on top right side box Icons >> Enable the option TURN ON WALLPAPER CAROUSEL >> Setup the time after how much time wallpaper will be changed >> On Down side SUBSCRIPTIONS [ TICK MARK ON ALL PHOTO BELOW] >> Apply.

6) How to Enable Multi-Window:

Now you can do multiple tasking on one screen, Suppose while watching videos chatting with your friends.
How to Enable it : Click on Recently Apps button >> on Top side you will seen the Option SPLIT WINDOW >> Click on it and Drag one Application to top side, System automatically adjust it.

7) How to setup New Theme and How to Change font style:

This function is very helpfull because we will bored from use same user interface everyday everyday. Choose theme and modify our phone.
How to Change Theme: Click Theme icon >> Theme store will be opened >> Choose best one theme >> Apply.
How to Change Font Style: Click Theme icon >> Theme store will be opened >> Click on Text >> Select best one >> Apply.

8) How to Write your Name on LockScreen :

Simple Settings: Go to Settings >> Click on Lock Screen >> Scroll down Click on Advanced settings >> Click on LOCK SCREEN OWNER INFOR >> Just enter your Name >> Click on OK.

9) How to Change Toggel Notification Bar:

Adjust your Notification bar according to your Needs, Simple Follow Instructions.
How to Do: Swipe Down your Phone Notification bar >> Click on Sort at last >> All Icons are shown >> You just Drag it [ UP AND DOWN ] >> Set it up according to your Needs.

10) How to Enable Double Tap to Wake up screen:

No Need to press power button everytime, Do this simple settings.
Go to Settings >> Click on Display >> Enable Double Tap Screen to Wake up.

11) How to Enable Battery Percentage Sign on Main Screen:

Go to Settings >> Click on Notification >> at Last Enable Battery Indicator.

12) How to Enable Battery Saver:

This feature is very helpful for users because battery low is big problem.
How to Enable it: Swipe Down the Toggel Notification >> Click on Battery saver.

13 ) How to Enable to Show RAM Memory Status:

In New smartphones of xiaomi, Doesn’t have the feature to show RAM memory status but the user doesn’t know that this feature is available in your but its hidden in options.

How to Enable it:
Long Press on Recently Apps button >> Click on settings >> Click on More >> Enable Memory Status >> After done the all setting process system show you the RAM memory Status.

14) How to Enable Flash when Someone Calling You?

Open the Dialer >> Go to Incoming Call Setting >> Enable the option Flash When ringing.

15) How to Change or Hide navigation key:

Some peoples are lefty and some peoples are righty, this feature is very helpful for everyone because you can adjust your Navigation key according to your needs. If you want to hide it, you can also do it.

How to Do: Go to Settings >> Click on Full Screen >> Click on MIRROR BUTTON >>
How to Hide: Go to settings >> Click on Full Screen >> Click on Top Right [FULL SCREEN GESTURES] >> After click on option >> Your Phone button hide but it’s works from gestures control.

16) Incoming Calls Settings :

Open the Dailer >> Go to Settings >> Click on Incoming call >> Setup according to your Needs.

17) How to Hide Data in Xiaomi Redmi Y2:

Data is very important for everyone but sometimes we have some important things in our smartphone which is not for everyone but Don’t worry. We have one secret setting how to hide your important data (images, videos and other more things). Follow the instructions.

How to Hide Data: Open the Gallery >> Long Press Screen Screen and Swipe it Down >> System will be open one secure space >> Login or Signup your Mi account in login section >> Click on Add >> Your Space is ready for Secure your data.

18) How to Enable Dual Apps:

Go to Settings >> Click on Option >> Dual Apps >> Enable that App Which You want to Dual.

19) How to Enable Quick Ball feature:

This feature is very helpful because this feature is shortcut of every feature. If you want open Flash Quick Ball helps you and more shortcuts are available inside it.
How to Enable it: Go to Settings >> Click on Additional Settings >> Click on Quick Ball >> Enable it.


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