WhatsApp resumed in Brazil after 24-hour ban

WhatsApp resumed in Brazil after 24-hour ban

WhatsApp resumed in Brazil after 24-hour ban

WhatsApp is re-online in Brazil after the 24-hour ban. This service was temporarily banned on Monday, following a judge’s ruling. Facebook appeal to the Judge to resume WhatsApp service roughly 24 hours into the ban. Service was restored Tuesday afternoon after another judge in an appeals court reversed the ban. Facebook which is parent company of Whatsapp appeal that Whatsapp is extremely popular in the country and has more than 100 million users in Brazil.

The ban was instituted by Brazil’s five main wireless operators on Monday afternoon on the orders of a Brazilian judge in the country’s northern state of Sergipe. WhatsApp had previously faced legal challenges in Brazil.
The companies were warned that they would be subject to a 500,000 reais (around $140,000) fine in case of non-compliance. WhatsApp has had previous disagreements with the Brazilian government in the past, one time for allegedly refusing to assist in an investigation in Lagarto involving a number of drug gangs.

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