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What Is WordPress? Everything You Need To Know About WordPress

The simplest and most popular way to create your own blog or website: WordPress. This sentence defines WordPress most accurately. It is a fact that – more than one in four websites that you come across are powered by WordPress.

With the help of WordPress, anyone can build a website, even if you are not a developer. However, if you want real accuracy and optimum results you can work with a wordPress website development company. 


 Websites you can create under WordPress

Initially, you could create only blogs on WordPress, but now WordPress provides users with a massive theme of plugins and themes. Using these features you can create a website as per your requirement. With WordPress you can create the following:

  • Business websites
  • eCommerce stores
  • Blogs
  • Portfolios
  • Resumes
  • Forums
  • Social networks

Who is a WordPress developer?

You do not have to be a core WordPress developer if you want to build your own website on WP. WP is fairly easy to use. Anyone can create their own website on WordPress.

However, if your requirements are a level up than the basic, you can hire a WP developer. A developer is someone who is familiar with all the core functioning of WordPress. If you are not from a technical background it might be difficult for you to make the most out of WordPress. Thus, it is a better idea to hire a WordPress developer who can customize your site just the way you want it and can attract the right kind of users.

A developer can make your site more engaging as he has the idea regarding how things work and what is the X factor that attracts the right kind of users. Your project can generate fruitful outcomes with the help of a developer as they will help you generate the right theme by utilizing their knowledge of the right plugins.

 How will you identify a good WordPress developer?

There are many developers available in the market. However, if you want the best for your site you must know what qualities are essential for a good developer. Read on to know more.

Top qualities a WordPress developer must have:

  1. Technical skillset

The first sign of a good developer is that he should be able to create masterpieces and should have accurate knowledge of what he is supposed to do for you. Your developer must be up to date with the latest languages and prevalent themes. They should be completely aware of codebase on Xref and Trac, PHP and MySQL.

They should be extremely through with  several WordPress related technical skills which include –  plugins, cores, and various themes which are the keys to create a WordPress website well.

  1. Learner’s mindset

An excellent developer will never refrain from learning new skills. They must be keeping up with the latest languages and technical scenario. In order to create websites which are both – stable and modern, a developer must have the knowledge regarding the latest designs, security trends, front-end designs, and plugins.

  1. Impeccable planning skills

The first sign of a good developer is – He knows what to do and when to do. He will have everything laid down in the algorithm of what is to be done when. Lack of planning may cause a delay in delivering the project which makes the ideas quite difficult to come true. They should set up their goals big and small which ensure a smooth flow of the work to be done.

  1. Broad technical experience

Experience is the key to master anything. There is a long list of pros which tag along with an experienced developer. An experienced developer will be aware of the right type of understandable codes, which makes operating a site very easy for its users. The developer will be well versed in software development and task management software such as JIRA and TRELLO.

Apart from everything else they should have a positive attitude towards work and they should be keen towards learning new skills if required. They should also be able to work as per they promised and should be able to deliver their work as and when agreed.


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