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VIVO V5S Hidden Features | Tips & Tricks | UI features

VIVO V5S Hidden Features, Shortcut Key.7 Hidden Tip & Tricks of VIVO V5S| How to enable these Option & Shortcut keys FunTouch OS UI Features|Secret features- Short Description about the Topic.

VIVO V5S Hidden Features :

1) Home Button Shortcut (Option Name Smart Click) :
VIVO V5S has Home button, If user double tap on it : Phone Automatically acivate your Camera OR Flashlight OR Facebook.
How to Enable (set) this option
Go to setting >> Home Button >> Select the Option, which one you need.

2) One New Feature is Updated in Vivo v5s is : Apps clone : Its helps you for creating a clone of application. Suppose You want to use Second Whatsapp in this Phone or Clone of Third Party Downloaded app : Follow Instruction
– Go to Setting >> At last option : App Clone >> Enable it.

  • Go to Main Screen
  • Suppose you want to create Whatapp : Long Press on Whatsapp >> Front of you on Whatsapp TWO CROSS SIGN (x) >> One on the Top of the whatsapp icon >> Second on the Down of the Whatsapp icon >> Click on Down CROSS (x) button >> INSTRUCTION : If you Click on Top CROSS (x) button, Whatsapp will be uninstalled from your phone.
  • 3) One Handed Operation :
    If user activate this option : Go to setting >> Click on option (ONE HANDED OPERATION, enable it).
    Go to main screen. User Just Draw half triangle on the edge of screen.

    4) Smart Motions :
    How to Turn on these options :
    Go to setting >> last option (SMART CLICK) >> Turn on the options, Which one user need.
    – Light Turn on of your device, when user out of a POcket.
    – Double Tap to Turn off Screen OR Turn On Screen.

    5) Smart Call Features :
    – Smart Call : No Need to swipe for a pick call, User Just pick phone directly close to your ear, Phone Automatically Pick the Call.
    How to Enable it : Go to setting >> Click on the Option (Smart Call) >> Enable the first Option :
    Smart Call
    – Smart Mute : No Need to Press any button for Mute the call, User just Flip our phone, Phone Automatically Mute.
    How to Enable it : Go to setting >> Click on the Option (Smart Call) >> Enable the Option :
    Smart Mute
    – Wave to Hand Free : If user doing any work, No Need to pick a call with swipe, User Just wave a hand on the top of the phone, Phone automatically pick a call and Automatically activate speakers.

    6) Smart Split :
    Smart Split is a functions for doing two work on one screen, User Just Enable the Option and set the Application, which one user need. USER CAN ONLY SET ONE OPTION IN THIS OPTION.
    How to Enable it : Go to Settings >> Click on the option (Smart Split) >> Enable it.

    7) Eye Protection Mode :
    If you love to read Article online OR PDF on phone, This option is very helpfull for you Because Vivo create this option of that user, who most love to reading on phone.
    How to Enable it : Go to Setting >> Click on the Option (Eye Protection Mode OR Reading Mode) >> Enable it.

    8) S Capture :
    In this Option user can saw the 4 options
    Screen Recording : User Just click on Screen Recording, Phone Automatically record the screen operations with Voice also.
    Long Screen Shot : This Option used for Long Screen Shot.
    Funny Screen Shot : Add Emo’s in screen shot.
    Rectangular Shot : Taking screen Shot of important information only.
    How to Use this option : From Down to Up Swipe >> Click on the S Capture.

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