Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Hidden Features | Tips and Tricks | Secret Features

List of Special features of S10+:
1) Infinity – O Display
2) Innovative Triple camera.

Follow the Instructions : Activate all features
Apps Pair :

Apps pair is very useful features because S10+ has bigger infinity-O screen, you can easily do multiple operations on screen. If you like Watching video on youtube while using your phone. Create your App pair activate multiple operation with One Click.
How to Create App Pair: On the main screen of S10+ >> Swipe Left to right your Edge feature panel >> You will be seen the ( + ) icon >> Click on it >> Click on Create a pair >> Select the 2 apps which you want to use at same time >> Click on Save OR ok >> After done all process Swipe your Edge panel >> You will be seen the one new App pair which is created by you >> You just single click on that pair >> 2 Apps launch at same time on bigger screen of Note 9.


Triple Cameras :

Samsung first time launch triple cameras in Premium smartphone. In last premium smartphone S9plus, Samsung gave Dual Camera and this time Samsung added one more lense. Lets talk about the functionality of Triple Cameras.
1) First Camera is Main Camera
2) Second Camera is used for Live Focus
3) Third Camera is used for Ultra-Wide-Camera

Live Focus: Live focus is amazing feature in Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus because live focus is really given an amazing Proffesional looking photos. The camera lens quality of this device is amazing because you can adjust the blurness Before or After you take a picture,Waoo!!!!
How to use it : Open the cameras of your S10Plus >> Click on Live Focus >> After Click live focus you will be seen the option of blur Increase or Decrease line >> Just focus on object, increase the blur of background or Decrease the blur of background.

Dual Capture :

Samsung S10Plus has two cameras, but only record one photo that is not fair. Another thing within Live Focus is that Dual Capture >> Open Live Focus camera >> at the top, we will have seen 2 box icon that is Dual capture, Just switch it on >> After switching on, go to live focus and take a picture >> Open the image bottom right An option is Normal Image >> Click on it >> After enabling Dual capture >> System takes two photos at a time >> One with Blur and Second with Wide Angle automatically. Whichever you like, share it with friends.



This feature is on trending. This features is used for Ultra-Wide-Camera Shot.
Suppose you are capturing the Group Photo, sometimes our group friends are not fit in the camera frame and You take step back for capture a photo but If you have amazing Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus you don’t have a need to step back. Enable the Ultra-Wide Angle to capture amazing photos.
How to Use it: Open the Rear Camera >> You will seen the new Three icons on the camera screen >> Switch it into Ultra-wide-angle >> After you Click on the Icon, you will be seen the Camera covering too much wide-area.


Samsung launch first time Super-Steady in premium smartphone. Super-Steady feature is designed for video recording.
This feature works like VDIS but too much advance VDIS.
Suppose: You are Riding on Bike and your video recording camera is shaking. You Just ENABLED in Super-Steady Camera Feature. You Will see the difference before enabling the super-steady your video is very shaking but After enabling the Super-Steady you will see No shaking in video, Video Recording is stabled.
How to Enable it: Open the Camera App >> Click on Video Recording Icon >> at Top you will see the option of Super-Steady >> Enable it and enjoy.


How to Enable PowerSharing in Samsung Galaxy S10Plus: 

This Features is emergency feature for Power Sharing. S10+ has Wireless Power Share feature you just enable it and Put your Phone on the back side of Samsung S10+ and the phone will start charging.

How to Enable  Power Share: Slide Down Top Notification toggle >> Swipe Left to Right >> Enable the Option POWER SHARE >> Put your Phone on the back side of Samsung S10+ and the phone will start charging.

How to enable full screen App Mode :

Samsung S10 Plus has a beautiful big screen, but most customers have to deal with this problem. In S10+, most applications do not work on full screen. If you see black bars at the top and bottom of your phone, do not worry. We show you how to enable full-screen app mode for full screen display.
How to Enable : Go to settings >> Click on Display >> Click on Full screen apps >> Enable those which you want to full on full screen. Enjoy.

How to Increase or Decrease the screen resolution :

The resolution of Samsung S10+ display is 1440×3040  Quad-HD but sometime it’s default set on FULL HD (2220 x 1080) display resolution. Follow simple steps to increase your smartphone screen resolution.
How to Do : Go to settings >> Display >> Screen resolution >> increase it.But we are suggest you, Set your smartphone screen resolution on FHD because it less use your smartphone battery.

How to Enable Multi-Window :

– Click on recent apps button >> Long Press on top Icon of Application >> After Long press You will check on Split Window system automatically divided into two partitons.

How to take Screenshot :

– Press Power button and Volume down ( – ) button >> Press these 2 buttons at same time >> system automatically take a screenshot.
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How to Connect Your Samsung S10 Plus on LED TV

ScreenMirroring is very usefull feature in smartphone, If you want to share Photos and Videos with family you will use this features SMART VIEW.

How to enable it: Swipe Dow Top notification Toggle >> Long Press on Smart View option >> Go to LED TV >> Enable Screen Mirroring in LED >> After enabling screen mirroring in LED >> Then you Check the screen of your smartphone, the model of your TV will be coming on it >> click on it >> Your smartphone screen mirror on LED.



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