Samsung Galaxy J7 Max VS Vivo V5s Full Comparision

Samsung Galaxy J7 Max VS Vivo V5s Full Comparision: J7 Max Camera VS Vivo v5s camera. Speed Comparision, Features comparision in full detail, which one is best for you. – Short description about the topic.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Max VS Vivo V5S

V5s Front Camera
Front 20 mp nd rear 13 mp (both f2.0)
The competition main highlight is 20 mp camera with moonlight flash.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Max
Front Camera

Front 13mp (f1.9) nd rear 13 mp (f1.7)
When your comparing the camera you must have to click the image. After clicking we have superior image with true colors.

vivo v5s Rear Camera –
In V5s rear camera is 13-megapixels camera with LED flash with aperature value of 2.2.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Max Rear Camera –
J7 max rear camera is 13-megapixel FHD with LED flash, Inside camera modes latest features with aperature value is f/1.7, its help’s capture brillant picture in light condition.

Vivo v5s Design –
Unibody design with polymer back finish In front gorilla glass 2.5d

Samsung Galaxy J7 Max Design –
Metal body with 2.5 d gorilla glass with narrow bezel screen
Vivo v5s

Vivo V5S Display –
5.5 inch hd display with 267 ppi.

Galaxy J7 Max Display –
5.5 inch full hd display with 403 ppi.

Vivo v5s Android version-
Vivo v5s gives you 6.0 Marshmallow with their funtouch os

Galaxy J7 Max Android version-
J7 max gives you the android’s latest version 7.0 nougat with samsung’s touchwiz

Vivo V5S-
Doesn’t have any alert feature available.

Galaxy J7 Max-
J7 Max gives you the amazing feature which is smart glow..Priority alerts, Usage alerts, Mirror selfie ,Snoop alert , Camera assist!!!!

Vivo v5s RAM and Processor-
4GB RAM and 1.5GHz mediatek octacore CPU which is mediatek 6750 which works on 28 nm based technology. which consumes more power nd give a normal performance nd older technology.

Galaxy J7 Max RAM and Processor-
4GB RAM and coming with Mediatek 6757. 2.4GHz Octacore CPU. which is based on 16 nm technology nd also it gives 1.5 times better performance if we compared to mediatek 6750.J7 max will give performance because of latest technology nd with more clock speed!.

Vivo v5s Battery-
3000 Mah battery with super saver mode(Super saver mode which includes clock, phone contacts nd messages).

J7 Max Battery –
3300 mah with ups mode which includes vivo super saver mode features nd we have whtsapp nd facebook also….
In addition we have 3 modes of s power planning mode nd uds mode also for long battery back up…..
Also we have mid max option in device maintaince.

Vivo v5s internal and expandable Memory –
Vivo v5s is hybrid dual sim phone means you have to remove second sim if you want to store your more memories
Its exp upto 128 GB .

Samsung J7 Max Internal and Expandable Memory –
In Samsung Galaxy J7 Max we have the freedom of using three slots at one tym means you can enjoy Dual sim and 256GB expandable card Memory.

Vivo v5s-
Internet Vivo browser for internet which can open 10 tabs at one time. No secret mode in internet browser.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Max-
Internet-Samsung internet browser where you can open upto 16 tabs at one also have secret mode where you can open ur private confedential websites.Also u have uds mode for internet which saves your data.

Vivo v5s Security-
It has i manager for app fingerprint lock and for clearing RAM and for hiding photos nd videos.

J7 Max Security-
S-secure we have fingerprint app lock but our fingerprint sensor also works on web sign, gmail id etc and also works on internet browser secret mode and in additional we have secure wifi feature which is not present in vivo v5s
(Must remember secure wifi when telling about security).

Vivo v5s Video calling on 4G –
In vivo v5s we can do video calling only on whtsapp skype or third party apps.

Galaxy J7 Max –
customers can do direct operator calling also.Means direct video calling from handset without internet..(Give example from most popular reliance jio sim which is providing hd video calling which is better than skype whtsapp or even facetime).

Vivo v5s –
Themes nd user interface It has fun touch os nd include theme store but mostly there are simple nd classical themes . you have to download launchers for more customization.

Galaxy J7 Max

User Interface and themes and icons-It gives you the most simple and worlds loving user interface which is very easy to use and also includes easy mode and also gives you the categorized theme store where you can find million of themes.
(Guranteed you will never get bored from your handset)
In additional we have safety feature s bike mode, also we give UDS mode for data savings and the best part we have my galaxy 2.0 where all the customer needs are fullfilled.
In additonal
We have powered with Advanced multiwindow where we can use our any favourite apps same time on our screen.
For example : if we want to use whatsapp and Facebook simuntaneously, we can use it.

Vivo v5s

Colors-White gold, black

Galaxy J7 Max-


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