Robot Vacuum cleaner: Which One Is the best? 2019

Gone are the days when you carry a heavy vacuum cleaner in your hand to clean your house. With the new advent of technology, cleaning your home became easier.The traditional vacuum cleaner is now a robot, and it requires minimum physical effort to clean your house. A robot vacuum cleaner is intelligent enough to clean your home with precision.  The robots are equipped with lasers and wi-fi. So, from the comfort of your sofa, you can control the entire cleaning of your house.

 Which robot vacuum cleaner is the best?

There are some options available in the market to buy.  You can’t buy anything for your house. It’ll be wastage of money and time. Information regarding five best robot vacuum cleaners is given below to help you.

1. Roomba 980
Roomba 980 is an excellent choice with its fantastic suction power. IROBOT manufactures the robot. There is an (iRobot home) App that lets you control the robot remotely. Not only this, the robot has artificial intelligence to detect the non-cleaned space.

The device can run for 120 minutes. To complete the job it recharges itself and then does it.  Also, Roomba 980 has a cleaning process which is called the Aeroforce. So, it sucks the dirt and soil with a greater force. It can clean your pet hair without any difficulty.

The device has dual multipurpose brushes. These bushes can clean every tiny particle in your house. Also, Roomba 980 automatically powers up to clean the steep sections in your house.

You can make this vacuum cleaner to start or stop with the voice control technology. Ask your Alexa or Google assistant to do this, and the voice control technology executes it with ease.

With all these features the product is a wise choice.

2. Roomba i7

If you want a completely hands free robot vacuum cleaner, then Roomba i7 may be an excellent choice for you.

Roomba i7 with its advanced design can create a floor map. Then it follows this map to clean the floor entirely.

It has a fantastic feature of automatic garbage disposal. You have to buy the garbage bags from ‘IRobot.’ So, the product becomes a hands-free.

You can control it through Alexa or Google assistant. But the robot is so advanced that it may work itself without any assistance.

Roomba i7 may look like Roomba 980, but this vacuum cleaner is a way advanced than the former one. According information I’ve found on site and comparison review on Roomba i7 has new engine 3Gen with huge features!

3. Samsung Powerbot R7070

With extraordinary power cleaning, this robot vacuum cleaner can be a real choice.

Samsung, one of the trusted brand in the world, has made this robot with great sensors and cleaning tools. Be it any floor type; Powerbot R7070 can clean every corner of the floor.

The device runs in a twisted way, and it has a D shape. The benefit is that it never stops at the corners.

The smart camera tagged with this cleaner can detect and manage dirt more methodically. The docking system of this robot cleaner is also good.

The big size and an average battery may be its downside, but the way it sucks the dirt and debris is remarkable.

Powerbot R7070 has a wi-fi system. Just connect it to the Samsung App, and it can save your labor.

4. Eufy Robovac 11s

If you want a gentle, silent and slim robot vacuum cleaner, then this Eufy Robovac has it all.

What makes it different from other devices is its sleek design and excellent cleaning.

The vacuum cleaner has some great sensors like infrared sensor and drops sensor. Whenever this cleaner sense any risk of dropping down, it can move back from there. The infrared sensor helps it to avoid colliding with objects.

Eufy Robovac is 2.85″, so, it can go almost under any bed or sofa or furniture to clean.

For a continuous suction and cleaning, this device is matchless. It can run for almost 100 minutes, which makes it more powerful than any other robot vacuum cleaner at its price.

T Eufy Robovac comes at an affordable price, but it has a downside too. This robot has no virtual connection to control it. You have to manage it through a handheld remote (runs on 2 AAA batteries).

5. Neato Botvac D7 Connected

With laser guidance cleaning, this robot vacuum cleaner is supreme. The artificial intelligence mapping in this robot maps the sections of your floors.

The turbo mode can suck up invisible dust in your room. Also, it can memorize up to three-floor maps.

It cleans your floor in a straight line and keeps in its head previous sessions of cleaning. The spiral combo brush cleans every corner smartly. Moreover, the  Neato Botvac D7 does know, the ‘no-go’ sections in your house.

It runs for 120 to 130 minutes. But if it needs more power to finish the job, it charges itself for that particular task.

The smartest thing about this robot is its software up-gradation. This product can be controlled through the IOS system. So if you have an apple phone, you can manage it. Apart from that, it is also comfortable with Amazon Echo or Google assistant.

The price of the product is a bit high, but good things always come at a reasonable price.

After describing all the features of these Robot Vacuum cleaners, it is your turn to choose from them. Some of these devices have excellent cleaning quality, and some have an affordable price range.

Whichever be your choice, you should pick only a smart robot. You should keep in mind, the maintenance cost and how much intelligent cleaning you do need.

If you stick to that old vacuum cleaners, you may never enjoy the future technology. These robot vacuum cleaners are the best choices in 2018. You should embrace this new technology to know the future of cleaning.


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