Reddit New Image Uploading Tool feature: How it’s work?

Reddit New Image Uploading Tool feature: How it’s work?

Reddit launch a new its own image uploading tool. Reddit partnership with Imgur.on wednesday reddit Developer launch the beta version of new image uploading tool.

The tool allows users to upload images (up to 200MB in size) and GIF (100MB) directly to Redit and to acess threads about any image nu clicking on it from any listing, Imgur.
reddit image uploading tool

New Features and How it’s work ?

  • Upload images (up to 20MB) and gifs (100MB) directly to Reddit when submitting a link.
  • Click on a Reddit-hosted image from any listing (such as the frontpage, a subreddit, or userpage) and be taken directly to the conversation and comments about that image.
  • View gifs within Reddit’s native apps with less taps and without leaving the app.

  • According to TechCrunch, the same content policy will apply for the new tool, placing more responsibility on Reddit to police offensive or illegal material — something that the site has struggled with in the past.

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