Puma built a robot toy as fast as humans

Puma built a robot toy as fast as humans

Puma built a robot toy as fast as humans

German shoe and sportswear company working on running robot can race as fast as human. Puma describes the machine as a programmable,
line-following robot & self-driving. The feature of this robot is that it can push athletes to reach their maximum speed by giving them a visual target to beat. The BeatBot of the robot was developed by a team of NASA robotics engineering
students. Puma’s ad agency and MIT studdents are involve in this project.

This is a tiny robot with incredible speeds 100-meter record of 44.6 kilometers per hour (27.7 MPH). BeatBot will only be available for Puma’s sponsored teams and athletes. Imbert says that the current cost involved in developing the machine is
too high for the average runner to train with, but Puma is continuously improving the model and designing a more affordable version of the product for the general public.

The BeatBot uses nine infrared sensors to maintain its course around the track, making over 100 adjustments per second to stay on course, with rear and front mounted GoPo cameras that will allow runners to review their training. Imbert says the BeatBot is too expensive to produce on a larger scale, but Puma-sponsored athletes like Usain Bolt and probably Rihanna because Rihanna gets what Rihanna wants will have full access to the device.


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