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Oppo F5 Hidden Features | Tips and Tricks | Secret UI features

Peoples love the Oppo F5 because of oppo F5 in very affordability price range with amazing features. The performance of Oppo F5 camera is very good but most of the peoples don’t know about the Oppo F5 hidden features and some tips and tricks. Today I will show you the all Secret features and Tips and Tricks.

1 : Camera Operation and Tips and Tricks

  • How to Use Full screen camera : Open your F5 camera >> at Top you will be seen >> Rectangle icon >> Press on it >> Click on Full screen camera. After do these simple setting you camera working on full screen.

  • How to Use live filters: Open the camera >> Right side top >> You will be seen the bubble icon >> Press on it >> When you click on it >> Filters are started working >> Select the filter according to you need.

  • How to Bokeh Mode: Open the camera >> at the top you will be seen the DROP icon >> Press on it >> After pressing drop icon your BOKEH Mode is activated >> Capture beautiful movements with DSLR effects.
  • How to Sticker or Watermarks in photo : The Features is works on only rear camera not on front >> Open the camera >> at top Right side you will be seen the BUBBLE icon >> Press on it >> you will be seen some option : Watermark >> Press on it >> Set up the watermarks according to your need.
  • 2) : How to Enable Hidden Navigation Keys:

    Every time navigation on display it’s irritating. I am showing you how to hide Navigation key but it’s still working properly but navigation keys icons on the screen.
    How to:
    Go to Settings >> Additional features >> Navigation Keys >> Enable >> Navigation keys.

  • Virtual Navigation Key: This feature is used for enabling Navigation keys Icons.
  • Navigation Gestures: This feature is used for hiding Navigation icons but after hiding the navigation icons, Your smartphone key will be transferring into gesture keys.
    How Operate:
    – For Go to the Home menu, Just Swipe Down to Up from the End of the bezel.
    – For Opening the Recently Apps, Just Swipe up on the Right of the bezel.
    – For Go back one step, Just swipe up on the left of the bezel.

    3) : How to using Power Button for end the Calls:

  • Go to Setting >> Accessibility >> Enter the Capcha password >> Enable it.
  • 4) : How to set Face-Recognition in Oppo F5:

    Go to Settings >> Fingerprint,Face & Passcode >> Enable it >> Click on face-reconigition >> Setup your face.


    5) How to Remove Trashes without download any 3rd party Application:

    When the phone stutters, you can clean up the cache junk files, memory, and useless installation packages. Clean up your device.
    Go to settings >> Phone Manager >> Clean and Speed up.

    6) How to set up Off screen gestures:

    Gestures are actually shortcut features, Suppose you want to unlock your smartphone without press power button. You can use: Double tap screen wake gestures.
    How to enable more gestures and How to change default gestures: Go to settings >> Gestures & Motion and set up more off-screen gestures.

    7) How to Screenshot in Oppo F5 :

    If you want to screenshot in oppo f5, it’s very simple.
    Press the Power button and Volume up button simultaneously. The system automatically captures the picture of your smartphone screen.

    This feature actually emergency power saving feature.
    How to enable it : Go to settings >> Battery >> Enable Low power mode.


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