Olympics highlights now available on Snapchat

Olympics highlights now available on Snapchat

Olympics highlights now available on Snapchat

Snapchat finally entered the social media for Olympics highlights. Now Olympics highlights available on snapchat. There is Limited user of snapchat
in US. so snapchat will create daily Live stories, Photo montages and real time videos, clips of that videos related to Olympics. It’s the first time the TV network has let anyone other than its own properties distribute such highlights.
Discover is a section on Snapchat where media outlets such as National Geographic and The Wall Street Journal post editorial packages geared toward the app’s young devotees.

Young adults and teenagers increasingly say they follow current events from smartphone apps and websites — not television, where the Olympics have historically lived. Other social media companies could be next.

NBC Universal said it’s working on similar deals with Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. The sweeping efforts reflect the TV network’s desire to ensure that people younger than 35 tune into or stream the two-week sporting event.
Olympics highlights now available on Snapchat
Snapchat says 60% of 13- to 34-year-olds with smart phones in the U.S. use its chatting and video-sharing app. Many top Olympics sponsors have advertised on Snapchat before, including General Electric, McDonald’s, Nike and Samsung. NBC’s previous deals with Twitter and Facebook did not involve any revenue, nor did they include use of highlights. Social media companies — recognizing that ads tied to live events can fetch higher prices —have tried to get a chunk of the TV money by arguing that viewers are multitasking on apps during the events.


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