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Nokia 8 Hidden Features | Tips and Tricks | UI Features

Nokia 8 Hidden Features | Tips & Tricks | UI Features : top best nokia 8 Tips & Tricks, How to enable these Options Step by step|How to enable smart lock and more – Short Description about the Topic.

  • Smart Lock to bypass the fingerprint sensor :
    set up your Nokia phone to be unlocked automatically when you’re in a Trusted Place, such as your home. You can also bypass security measures when the mobile is connected to a Bluetooth device such as your favourite headphones, or even use the front-facing camera to scan your facial features.
    How to enable it : Go to setting >> Security option >> search for smart lock feature >> enable it.

    Second amazing way to unlock the device : with the help of this new feature in Nokia 8, add your Trusted voices >> just say “OK GOOGLE” and system automatically unlock your device.

  • How to customise your notification bar according to your need :
    Sometimes we are doesn’t like default notification bar, we are setting it up according to our needs : Easy steps
    Swipe down your notification bar >> tapping the pencil icon at the top of the screen >> All you need to do is hold your finger on one of the icons and then drag it into the position you prefer >> Any shortcuts you don’t need can be dragged to the bottom of the screen, to get rid of them.

  • How to Enable call Recording automatically :
    Go to Settings >> Call Settings >> record settings >> Enable it.

  • How to take screenshot :
    Swipe down top menu >> Click on screen capture >> After three second automatically screenshot will be captured.

  • Reject a call with a quick flip :
    Easy to mute your device just flip your device and it’s mute :
    How to enable : Go to Settings >> search a option of ‘turn over to reject call’ option >> enable it.

  • How to enable Multi-window
  • Nokia 6 has pre-installed Android 7.1.1 (NOUGAT), In Android 7.1.1 operating system customer will be easy do multi-window task.
    How to Enable it : Just Long press on Recent Apps Button >> System automatically enable multi-window >> Your smartphone screen divided into 2 partition.

  • Adjust the Font Size :
    Go to Settings >> Display >> Click on font size >> Adjust it according to your need.

  • How to Enable and Disable Navigation Key Light :
    Go to Settings >> Display >> Click on Navigation Keys >> Set the time Duration for Navigation keys or disable it.

  • Amazing Feature : Google Asistant is avialable in Nokia 8
    What is Google Asistant? : Google made this amazing feature, it’s Artificial intelligence assistant. Now you can talk with smartphone and smartphone give you the amazing answers.
    How to Enable :
    Step 1: Make sure the Google Play Services on your devices is updated to version 10.2.98 or later. If not, either download the latest version from here, or wait for your device to update it automatically.
    Step 2: Change your device’s language to English (US). To do so, navigate to Device Settings > Language & Input > Change it to English (US).
    Step 3: Now make sure your Google App is updated to the latest version. If not, just go to Google Play Store and update the Google App. My device was running version at the time of writing this story.
    Step 4: Clear cache from your Google App data. This is will clear all the previous settings on your Google App. Also, make sure your Google App language is set to English (US).

  • How to Adjust Color Temperature :
    First Step : Go to Settings >> Click Display >> OFF the Bluelight filter. After OFF the Bluelight filters
    Second Step : Go to Settings >> Click on Display >> at last >> Click on Color temperature >> Adjust it according to needs.
  • How to Adjust Display Icon Size :
    Go to Settings >> Click on display >> Click on display size >> It’s by Default set on 3rd number >> If you want big icons increase the numbers >> If you want small icons decrease the numbers.
  • How To Adjust Bluelight filter :
    Go to Setting >> Display >> Click on Bluelight filter >> Adjust it according to your need.

  • How to Use Default and best battery Saver :
    Go to Settings >> Battery >> Battery Saver >> Enable it >> Adjust Battery saver according to your needs.

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