Microsoft finally Launch Windows10 for Windows phone in week

Microsoft finally Launch Windows10 for Windows phone in week

Windows Phone owners have been waiting patiently for Microsoft to deliver its latest version of Windows for its smartphones called Windows 10 Mobile.Finally Microsoft launch Windows 10 for Windows phone.Windows10 change the whole phone user.In windows10 some unique features are coming.

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Windows 10 Devices Run Android Apps

Microsoft Coming with new Device WINDOW10 for mobile phones.Microsoft store Apps is only 5Lakh Apps but Microsoft solve this problem.Microsoft has long been working on technology that would enable window 10 users.
Windows 10 phones has makes the sense to RUN ANDROID APPS.

Windows 10 version has Capability to Android run on Windows.Microsoft Developer using technology called Windows Bridge for Android.Microsoft developer easily port Android Apps in Windows 10/Window 10 Mobiles.Microsoft Do Great work on Windows 10 and microsoft mobile user run Android apps right on their handset.

Windows 8.1 Or Windows 10 mobile preview, no matter – was both familiar and instant reminder of my Microsoft platform is so Wonderful.

List of Devices Upgradable in Windows 10


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