iPhone 8 Plus Honest Review: Full Features brief in detail

Improved Design with a Glossy Glass Added:

Looking at iPhone 8 and 8 plus simultaneously at a glance will make you think they are identical but the iPhone 8 plus comes with an enhanced edition. The dimension of I8 Plus is 6.24 inches long x 3.07 inches wide at 0.30 inches thick for the iPhone 8 Plus.While the display size is 5.5 inches diagonally. It doesn’t have a headphone jack just like the iPhone 8 and that is something that could have been improved in the Plus edition. The overall size of iPhone 8 plus is exactly the same as iPhone 7 and if you have a case of iPhone 7 that can be fitted to your I8 plus.
Space grey with a black bezel, silver with a white bezel, or gold with a white bezel are the 3 color options for 8 Plus. Jet black and rose golden options are no more there.

Wireless charging Feature:
The revival of glassy back addition in iPhone 8 plus is for a reason. This glassy material makes the phone a good conductor when in contact with electrical wireless charging—and this couldn’t have been achieved by simple metal—iPhone 8 plus has the technology to be charged without a wire. A charging pad with Qi standard can top up your iPhone 8 plus battery marvelously. Placing your phone on the pad will enable the charging simply. The same charging chime and flashing can be observed as it the Lightning connector does. I have tried charging my iPhone 8 plus with several cases on it, I mean all of them were nonmetallic and the charging went smooth.

Special Features, Better performance and Greater speed:

It has a distinctive chip called Apple’s A11 Bionic, it carries a six-core CPU and 64-bit architecture. Apple self-stands with the findings that this allows the iPhone 8 plus to be 25% better in speed and performance than the iPhone 7 and earlier versions. I clearly observed that everything from my touch identity unlock to other apps and features were fast and speedy on this iPhone 8 plus as compared to my one-year-old iPhone 7. Netflix, youtube and many other augmented reality apps were comparatively way too faster and smooth to be operated in this new iPhone 8 plus that I got.

A Better Camera Technology:

I am of the opinion that specifications mentioned in the catalog are not exactly how your experience of the user may be. The specifications read that the iPhone 8 plus camera is similar to that of its baby brother iPhone 8 but the plus models have always something more to offer.
I have personally been a huge fan of all the Plus series of iPhone since the launch of iPhone 6 plus and I have always noticed that the plus editions always offer something beyond their baby brothers. iPhone 8 camera has all that it takes to impress a good photographer whose only equipment is his phone.
But as I said the Plus series are always a step ahead this Apple I8 Plus has more to offer. The iPhone 8 Plus cameras great with a dual 12-megapixel setup, with a wide-angle lens that has an aperture of f/1.8 with OIS, and telephoto lens at f/2.8. The Sony sensor in iPhone 8 Plus is more powerful and efficient enough to allow in-depth pixels.
The colors are more vibrant and clearly better sharpness with no unbalancing at different shades.

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