warmth with hoodies

Hugging Hoodies Back pockets Unique design jacket


Hugging Hoodies Back pockets Unique design jacket

Hugging Hoodies Back pockets

Have you ever wanted to embrace a friends or loved one, but fear to remove your hands from your warm pockets and expose them to the cool air. Dont worry about it, Now Together wear makes a new jacket design with special back pockets for chilly hands. Together wear solve the common problem of everyone and lovers and sharing warmth with you sweetheart.

Some pictures of Together Wear – Unique jacket.
According to thier website, Its unique design makes by Artem Glebov , Proffesional freeskier and founder of Chukcha clothing brand.
The Goal of Hugging hoodies to reached more than $30,000 in only three days. Its coming in market with 5 different colours.The estimates delivery started of July 2016.
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