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How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages on iPhone and Android

Cocospy is the amazing app for monitoring your child activityies and it’s very helpfull tool for you because you can protected your kids from pornography, track phone calls, online predators, cyberbullying, threats. It’s also best for your bussiness because you can easily track your employees mobile phones for checking real time location, monitoring all store call logs, messages, social activities and more. This app is not only tracking the phone things, You can monitor all activityies of phone (like if you want to check out the Social Media: Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and more other things too). This is the Best Mobile Spy App according to easy user-interface and features.

Here is the list of Helpfull Features which are available in Cocospy App Service:

1) Track SMS
2) Track Location
3) Geofence Alert
4) Track FB Messages
5) Whatsapp Spy
6) Snapchat Spy
7) Instagram Spy
8) Viber Spy
9) Stealth Mode
10) Track Website History Data
11) Track SIM Location

How to Use Cocospy App: Full Guide: Follow Instructions Step by Step

Step 1: Sign Up or Sign In


















Step 2: How to Install the Cocospy App: 

This app is designed for two different-different platforms.

  1. Android
  2. Ios

A) How to Install App in Android Device : After the SignUp in copospy, there is some setup process please complete it and If you want instantly target the phone, You may be take some couple of time to complete this steps including the installing the monitoring app and make necessary settings on the target device.
Complete these Steps:
1) You Should enter the name in order to finding the monitored phone.
2) It’s Mandatory: Select the OS (operating system) Which is running on targeting phone and tablet.
3) Select the device which one you are using : ANDROID.
4) Now you are ready to target the device.


B) How to Install App in Iphone Device: Follow these Steps:

1) Enter target device’s iCloud account and password.













2) You Should enter the name in order to finding the monitored phone.
3) It’s Mandatory: Select the OS (operating system) Which is running on targeting phone and tablet.
4) Select the device which one you are using: IPHONE.
5) Now you are ready to target the device.

How to Start monitoring/tracking a cell phone or Social Media:

How to monitoring on Whatsapp:  Cocospy WhatsApp Spy app is perfectly working on whatsapp. You can easily review all whatsapp conversations and it’s also working same on Whatsapp group chats. You can easily checkout the contact list of friends and also you can check all sended or recieved photos.

whatsapp spy

How to monitoring on Snapchat: Snapchat delete its photo every day and snapchat design to delete our database everyday but cocospy is intelligent then more other spy apps. Use our Snapchat spy to record all the images one takes.
1) Easily review all photos and videos people exchange with each other on snapchat
2) Check all text Conversation.


How to monitoring text message: 
Cocospy app is specially design for monitoring device of anyone, Cocospy Text Message Spy  is one program that is worth exploring. This program is available for iOS and Android use.You can easily access someones text messages without them knowing.


How to Track someones location: Cocospy app is very intelligent app because you can easily track the mobile location. This App finding someone with GPS data send you the location of device, If someone in WIFI connection system will send you the information to find an approximate location and Use time stamps to see when a phone was located in a certain spot.


dashboardWhat you must know:

Monitoring the non-default applications such as: Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber, Skype, Line, Gmail and Snapchat can be activated on the Android based target phone in case it is ROOTED. It also allows you to take advantage of many useful options in your Control Panel (Force GPS, Force Keyboard). The rooting procedure is unique for each phone model/OS version. So, if you want to spy on non-default apps, you need to physically access the target phone.

It is possible to use Cocospy on the not-rooted devices as well.

Without rooting you will see call logs, SMS, location, media files, keylogger, events, notes, images, videos, audio files, MMS, browsing activity, wallpaper images, browser bookmarks, installed applicaton list, calendar.

At the moment with iOS without jailbreak solution you can monitor such activities of target iOS device:

iCloud credentials and back up are required for monitoring iOS devices without a jailbreak. Physical access is required if iCloud backup isn’t activated on monitored device or 2-factor / 2-step verification is enabled.

You need to know all the above features and limitation.But you don’t need to tell all these to users. If you tell the above to users, please remind users that ALL the spy/monitoring apps have the above limitation! NO ONE EXCEPTIONAL!


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