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How to increase the RAM speed of Android Phone : Speed Up your phone

How to increase the RAM speed of Android phone, and how to clean RAM without app. Trick to increase speed of your android phone. 5 Steps to increase battery life of android phone – Short Description of Topic.

How to increase the RAM speed of your Android Phone

Increase-Ram speed-In-Android
RAM is main element in android smartphone.RAM is help to access application speed. Today i am sharing you trick how to clean to RAM and increase your smartphone speed : Follow Simple steps


: First of all, if your Smartphone is fullfil with data, your smartphone have no space in internal memory and no space expandable memory. That’s the main reason why your smartphone speed slow and taking too much time to open application. Free your smartphone internal memory and increasing the MicroSD card. My suggestion is that

  • If your smartphone have 8GB internal memory, use minimum 16GB+ microSD card
  • If your smartphone have 16GB internal memory, use minimum 32GB+ microSD card
  • 100% sure after follow step : 1 your smartphone gave your too much better speed.

    Step : 2

    Using online Widgets and Live wallpaper. Live Wallpaper and widgets using too much RAM because its running everytime. Its also effects on your battery life. Use Simple dark wallpapers and its help to increase your RAM speed and increase your battery life.

    Step : 3

    Deactive your Useless Apps : How to Deactive useless apps

  • Go to Setting >> Click on Apps >> swipe Left >> Show you all application of you smartphone
  • First of all you checkout the list of apps, Suppose you are not using Chrome app in android phone >> Click on Chrome >> Click on Disable. Simple.Disable all useless apps. Its 100% sure to increase the RAM speed of Android phone.

    Step : 4

    Use One best paid third party app to increase your RAM Speed : How to Use it?

    Install the app on your device on which you wish to increase RAM

  • Now after installing the app choose your default language.
  • Now to increase RAM create a SWAP file by clicking on the SWAP Active and enabling it
  • .

  • After the process is finished just click on the grey colored box and activate the swap file created.
  • Congratului>ons you have successfully increased the RAM of your Android smartphone.
  • Download App

    Step : 5

    Follow Instruction Increase your battery Life and Speed

  • Click on Setting
  • Go to About
  • At Last option build option (Reguarly TAP on BUILD OPTION more than 5-6 times)
  • After Clicking more than 5-6 times
  • Go back to setting
  • One New option is activate Developer option
  • Click on Developer Option >> click on Window Animation scale >> Click on OFF.
  • Click on Developer Option >> Click on >> Transition animation scale >> Clic on OFF.

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