Great things you can do with a Drones

Drones can be used for a lot of things apart from just flying them for the hobby. Some of these applications of drones are amazing and make things easier in our day to day life while the others are gimmicky tricks that can be performed with a drone. Some useful applications of the drones include using it for security purposes, using it for aerial photography and videography where you will find drones that follow you and capture footage for you.

Let us take a look at some of these great things that you can do with a drone.

Day to day usage

Taking Drone Selfies

A lot of drones come with a Follow Me feature that can follow you based on a set path or your GPS location and these drones can be used to take video footage and photos of yourself. Since most of these drones come with great cameras that can take photos and videos in resolution up to 4K, you can shoot a perfect selfie for yourself.

A lot of people and vloggers like Casey Neistat use these drones to capture footage for their vlogs and video documentaries. You can use the drone’s controller to set the drone on the perfect height to help you capture these amazing selfies.

Start your own drone photography business

With a drone, you can choose to be a business who provides services related to photography and videography. These drones are widely used in events and at personal ceremonies like marriages etc. But keep in mind that in the United States, you need a Remote Pilot License in order to use your drone for business.

Make 3D models and maps

If you have a drone, you can use it to create 3D models and maps of the various building or your properties. You can do this by capturing photos with your drone’s camera and make sure that these drone images are geotagged. Geotagging means that the photos will have the location data and coordinates of the place where the photo was taken.

After these photos are captured, you can use something like Pix4D or DroneDeploy to create a 3D model from the captured images. You can alternatively create your own custom map as well.

For your property’s security

You can easily use the drone’s camera in order to improve your property’s security. By having an aerial view of your property, you can keep a close eye on what is happening around or inside the property. This is one of the major usage points of why drones were created which is to improve security and to provide a better view of everything in the property. Many companies and institutions around the world use drones for improving a place’s security by having an aerial view on them.

Start/Join a drone club

You might have heard about groups for different things and enthusiasts. There are groups for bikers, for developers and for other people who are into the same thing. In the same way, you can join a group that is enthusiastic towards drones.

You can find these groups on Facebook or on other websites like Academy of Modern Aeronautics and These groups tend to do workshops and other activities with people in the group. You can alternatively start your own drone club that you can promote and allow people to join. This will help you network with other drone enthusiast and learn a few new things.

Security & Traffic management

We already mentioned that these drones can be used to cover a property’s security but in proper use, these drones can also be used as a security measure for larger locations. These drones work independently and don’t require the settings and infrastructure that a CCTV camera needs. Because of this, drones are being used widely at bigger events in order to cover all the bases of security. These drones can work alongside the CCTV cameras and can provide an aerial and much detailed view of what’s going on.

They are also used at a lot of places in the world to manage road traffic. Traffic is one of the biggest issues in the world and with so many new cars getting on the road every day, traffic management in cities need better planning. Drones play a huge part in traffic management and they allow the traffic management authorities to plan better for peak hours and more.

News reporting & calamities

Drones have now become an important part of news reporting. They are slowly replacing the helicopter cameras that were used by news channels to report incidents. Drones definitely serve better when it comes to news, not only are they economical, but they can be set up very quickly making it faster for the channels to report the news.

Another application a drone can be during calamities when they can serve a great purpose of surveillance. Drones can be used to check areas where its hard for human rescue squads to go and check for survivors. This can easily be done using a drone and a thermal camera.

Some crazy drone applications

Military Applications

Drones have a great prospect when it comes to military usage. They can be used remotely which means in areas where there’s a lot of danger to soldier’s life, a drone can be sent in order to clear the ground while the human troops follow the drone from a distance.

As you can see in the video above, the drone has a gun mounted to it can it can be used to fire the gun as well. Applications like these will help the military reduce soldier death tolls by using machines to do the jobs that bring life-related threat on soldiers.

Go fishing

As you can see in the video, drones can be used to amp up your fishing experience. While fishing is supposed to a peaceful activity where you can just sit in nature and enjoy the calmness, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you want to go fishing but are bored of waiting for the fish to take your bait, you can choose to mix the fishing experience with the drone flying to make the whole experience much more interesting.

There are drones like Aguadrone that are supposed to land and float on water – both sea as well as fresh water. These drones can be used to fish or for other water-based applications of a drone.

Build a Hoverbike

Believe it or not but there are already drones that can be used for transportation. While these aren’t feasible in their current state and need a lot of development before they can be released to the public, it is still a very cool idea to use a drone as a mode of transport.


These were some of the most amazing and interesting things you can do with a drone. Drones can still be considered as a new technology and numerous companies are working towards developing these drones in order to use them in a better way to make our day to day lives easier.


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