Elon Musk’s Tesla launches hottest e-car

Elon Musk’s Tesla launches hottest e-car

Elon Musk’s Tesla launches hottest e-car

Tesla Motors launches luxury electric car with Model 3. It is Luxary car with new premium sedan, which saw more than 130,000 bookings within 24 hours of launch. California, United States – The Tesla Model 3 , Tesla unveiled a new cheaper model of electric car at the market. On Thursday night during an invitation-only event at the company’s design studio.
The CEO of Tesla – Elon Musk said that – Tesla Model 3 place orders more than 115,000 in 24 Hours and Model 3 is aims to hits the market and shows it can appeal to the general pulic and produce cars.

Elon Musk revealed the sedan, on which the electric carmaker is counting to reach sustainable profitability. The $35,000 Model 3 will have a minimum 215 miles (346 kilometres) range, and Musk said he’s “fairly confident” deliveries will begin
in 2017.
Vehicle to cost around Rs 50 lakh, including customs duty; Amit Bhawani, a tech blogger, is the first to pre-order the vehicle in India. In scenes reminiscent of the launch of Apple iPhone, would-be buyers of the Silicon Valley carmaker’s latest model pitched tents and set up camping chairs on the sidewalk outside Tesla stores, which began taking pre-orders.


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