Deadly Airstrike On Syrian Aleppo Hospital video

Deadly Airstrike On Syrian Aleppo Hospital video

Airstrikes rocked a hospital in rebel-held part of Aleppo, Syria last wednesday.
In this video Pediatrician Dr.Muhammad Waseem Maaz prepare for night shift in Aleppo hospital and dressed in scrubs with a bag slung across his body.The Time is 8.41pm. In One minute everythind is goes dark.

In one minute situations is totally changed of hosipital, Atleast 50 people to die, including patients, visitors and staff, according to Pablo Marco, operations manager for Doctors Without Borders in the Middle East.
Its a CCTV footage video of Aleppo Hosiptial. This video taken from Youtube >> Channel >> Channel 4 News.

More Video Of Aleppo Hosiptial

Images of Syrian Aleppo Hospital attack


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