Daqri smart helmet uses Intel for future of work

Daqri smart helmet uses Intel for future of work

Daqri smart helmet uses Intel for future of work

Daqri smart helmet uses Intel chips for future of work for next generation. Daqri helmet is wearable device that enable user to see reality. This device is integrated with with building information modelling software that allow to display
user to see inside of structural machines( see inside the machine) and pipeline.

The helmet contains a sixth-generation Intel Core m7 processor. There are array of cameras that capture 360 degree view pictures. The headgear uses a combination of cameras and sensors to capture and record real-time information about the
user’s surroundings.

View of internal machines display on the lens that user wear. The new helmet also includes Intel’s RealSense technology giving it improved depth sensing capability. Brian Mullins, Daqri’s founder and CEO said that team is working on the project from last four years But we are not totally sure to challenging the problems with the help of this device.

According to Bridget Karlin, managing director of Intel the device is very useful for the engineers and technition to do their job easily. A pilot version of the Daqri Smart Helmet was unveiled in 2014, and the updated version – which boasts more computing power – was presented this month during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.


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