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2016 Best New Whatsapp features : You Must be know

2016 Best New Whatsapp features : You Must be know

Best New Whatsapp features : You Must be know

The user of Whatsapp is more than billion.whatsapp upgrade every day.The most popular messaging app has recevied some new Cool features you should know about.

1) Document Sharing with Peoples

Some new features coming in new whatsapp update has added the document sharing feature on Android smartphones.Now user share doucument with peoples allow to user sharing only PDF files.This means that there is no support for .doc, .xls and other commonly used file formats as of now; there is also no official word on when the company will start supporting these.

2) Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud Drive integration in iOS

Whatsapp has launch an update for iphones and added new features on iOS smartphones like sending files from Google Drive and Dropbox as well as lets users zoom videos as they play.One big feature of this update (v 2.12.14) is the integration of iCloud Drive, Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive etc to send files to other contacts. This means that users can send photos and videos stored in cloud storage services directly from WhatsApp.

3) Limit Group members Increased 100 to 256

Before the Update of whatsapp,Group members limit is 100 peoples Now users update the Whatsapp recently increasing the limit of whatsapp group now users can add 256 peoples.The update is update is available to both iOS and Android app users.

4) Zoom Videos

This one is for iOS users. With the new update iOS users can ‘pinch to zoom’ on videos. This means users can zoom on a video while it is playing in WhatsApp.


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