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Things You Must Know About Android 9.0

Android 9.0 is the latest version of Android and it’s packing a lot of major version of the Android operating system. There are a lot of new cool Android 9.0 Tips and Tricks that will change your way of using Android. The main three pillars of Android 9.0 is Intelligence, Simplicity, and Wellbeing, for which the official update is now available for Google Pixel Phones. Android Pie is built with hundreds of improvements. Whether you have downloaded or going to download it, here are the best new features that are added in Android 9.0:-


  • Gesture Navigation: – Android use three button navigation bar at screen bottom. In Android 9.0 you can skip the one button i.e. Back, Home, and Recent to have the benefit of having the benefits of a new gesture-based navigation system. The upcoming Android devices will come with this feature. To try it, move to Settings > System > Gestures > Swipe up on Home Button. Your navigation bar will work in a new way. Here are the tips to navigate with the new setup.
  • Tap on the new pill-shaped Home button to go Home.

Swipe up on the home button to open the recent views. Here you can move left and right to check out the details and to clean you have to swipe up. To see the Split Screen option press and hold an app’s icon.

  • To open App drawer swipe up the home button twice.
  • To open Google Assistant Press and Hold the Home Button.
  • Adaptive Battery and Navigation: – Adaptive battery is the most developed feature in Android 9.0. This feature is by default enabled, but you can toggle it by going to Setting > Battery > Adaptive Battery. Android’s automatic brightness is also updated in Android 9.0. Now your phone will automatically adjust the brightness level which you prefer in certain apps.
  • Actions of App: – This is an amazing feature which predicts the apps which you are most likely to use the whole day. It lets you start your task quickly by predicting what you want to do. For example, in the morning you might see a shortcut to start Google maps navigation. At work, you might see a shortcut to shortcut to chat with your colleagues. These options are similar to the app shortcuts that appear on the screen by long-pressing the icons. You will hopefully like these features.
  • Text Magnifier: – The magnifier tool is very helpful in preventing eyestrain. This is a very advanced option that enlarges and enhances the text on your mobile phone. Android 9.0 brings this incredible ios feature of magnifying the text as you select the text and drag the blue handles along the selection.
  • Supports Multi-Camera: – Android 9.0 allows the developers to access two different cameras through multi-camera API. This version of Android includes multiple additional camera improvements. It will reduce the time required to capture a photo. Android 9.0 supports external USB/UVC cameras.
  • App Timer: – Another incredible feature is App Timer. This lets you set the time limits on the apps which you are using for a long period of time. By setting the time limit, a pop-up notification will appear on the screen telling you that you have reached your time limit and the app ‘pause’. So, by Android 9.0, you can manage your time in a better way and can improve your productivity. One more great news is that now you can Setup Microsoft Exchange on Android Phone very easily.
  • Shortcut for Screenshot: – By default, the screenshot options in every phone is Power + Volume Button, which is very old and awkward. In Android 9.0 you can take a screenshot by just pressing the power button anytime. After taking the screenshot you can tap on the edit option occurring in the notification that will help you to make the adjustments to your shot.

Hopefully, you will love these ultimate Android 9.0 Tips and Tricks. Try all the above-mentioned features whenever you buy an android phone with Android 9.0 version.


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