Amy Adams

Amy Adams

Amy Adams

Amy adams is an American actress and singer Promoting ‘Batman v Superman’ on Graham Norton Show. Amy dressed blue dark long sleeve display some leg during interview at the show starring Jimmy Fallon in New York on Friday. Holly Hunter, who plays a senator investigating whether Superman is Gotham’s great hope or a narcissistic terrorist.

Amy looked to be practicing her vocal chords as she belted out into a brightly colored microphone, with Jimmy looking on in amusement. Studio estimates say Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has earned an impressive $27.7 million from its preview screenings, according to the Associated Press.
Warner Bros. released estimates Friday saying the haul from the Thursday night showings includes $3.6 million from IMAX screens.

The film stars Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill as the dueling superheroes and cost a reported $250 million to produce.
Analysts predict it could earn around $150 million this weekend despite largely negative reviews.
The $27.7 million debut is a record-breaker for the Easter weekend slot. Furious 7 previously held that title with its $15.8 million launch last year, according to


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