7 Myths about NEET that should be busted now

7 Myths about NEET that should be busted now: National Eligibility and Entrance Test or NEET is the examination that is conducted in India for all the interested students who desire to study and want to pursue their graduation and post-graduation in the medical and dental courses in private or government medical colleges. The examination is conducted by NTA (National testing Agency).

 NEET examination is considered for filling about 54,000 medical seats across the country. As per the Supreme Court’s order in 2016, NEET is the only examination to be filled for All India Quota Seats as well as the State Level Quota seats across the country. NEET examination is also applicable in private colleges across the country.

  1. The NEET examination is too difficult to crack 
    Difficulty is not the main and highlighting subject, it is just our lack of knowledge and pressure from people which gives us the wrong notion that the exam is difficult. There is no competitive exam that is a cake walk. Every competitive exam requires dedication and hard work. Therefore, the same condition is applied to the NEET examination as well. It is not that easy but it does not mean that is can’t be cracked. Passing this exam is not that difficult as students are made to believe. It is just that students should be ambitious enough to be able to put in their best and then give in their best shot.

  2. It is mandatory to join a top coaching class or Institute
    It is believed that it is mandatory for the students to join the best coaching class or institute to be able to get a good rank or crack NEET examination. This is just a myth because the syllabus is just the same and for that, the candidates have to have a clear understanding of the concepts. Students should study by giving reference to the syllabus book and should not study anything beyond the syllabus. It is in hand of the students to study and hard and perform well and no teacher can force you to pass the exam.
    Therefore, it is a complete myth to believe that the students should enroll themselves to the best institute in the country.

  3. Securing a good rank and scoring a good percentage simultaneously is not possible
    Students generally appear for the EET exams with their boards and they have a doubt that they won’t be able to score well in both the exams. However, this is not the truth because you need to have basic knowledge of class XI and XII to sit for the NEET examination. Candidates will have to study extensively for NEET examination but that in no way will affect board exam as board exam syllabus is the base of NEET examination. Therefore, students can do both the things simultaneously.

  4. Solve as many books as possible to score a good rank
    Solving many books won’t help the candidates score good marks or rank. Candidates will first have to first clear their concepts and then study everything that is there in their syllabus before referring to some other books. It would be sensible enough to buy one book, studying that book completely and then referring to the second one because it won’t make any sense to buy many books and not being able to complete a single one properly.

  5. No guesswork at all
    Students are asked to not attempt all the questions because they might select the wrong one and lose marks. There are only handful students who might attempt all the questions.
    I would suggest the candidates attempt even the unknown questions and guess the right answers. However, students will have to work smartly and answer them by smart guesswork and by eliminating options.

  6. Scoring just the cut off marks:
    If this rule is followed then students won’t give their best and limit themselves. Just scoring the cut off marks won’t get the students into the best institute that they dream about. Students need to be positive and think properly to get admission into the top colleges of India.

  7. 6 hours Rule
    6 hours rule is always told by everyone but this is actually not true. To appear for normal school exams, students have to study for 5-6 hours. NEET main is not an easy exam which you can be cracked by just giving 5-6 hours a day. Students will have to study all the concepts properly and revise it every day.
    Therefore, so much cannot be done in such less amount of time. So students will have to dedicate more amount of hours in order to score well in their exams.

Misconceptions and myths play a major role in every student’s life. It is very important for the candidates to believe in themselves and have hope that they will rock without taking too much pressure. As it is wisely said that “Working hard is in your hand but the result is not in your hand”. Therefore, it is better to just work hard without worrying too much about the results. We also know that destiny plays a major role in our lives so don’t stress yourself a lot.