5 tips for using Dating Apps after a Break-Up

While online dating can be a convenient way of being introduced to other singles, allowing you space to get to know them in your own time, it can also be a tricky environment. There are so many aspects you need to be aware of, and it is certainly not a case of firing messages at the first person who catches your eye.

One time when it can certainly prove challenging getting back into using any free dating site in usa is after a relationship has broken up. So here are five tips to help you get back into the swing of using dating apps after a break-up.

Don’t rush into anything

It’s important to allow yourself sufficient time to recharge your emotional batteries. It might be tempting to act impulsively and try to grab the next potential partner you come across in your favorite dating app. Don’t. Instead, enjoy the breathing space. Take some time out and take the opportunity to spend quality time with friends, or enjoy that hobby you dropped when you first started seeing your ex. Keep your mind occupied on anything other than your love life. The dating app isn’t going anywhere, so take a chill pill before getting back into it again.


Ration your online time

Don’t use the break-up as an excuse to go overboard with online dating. It’s natural to feel deflated after a relationship ends. But don’t feel the need to over-compensate by spending hours and hours online, browsing through profiles, sending personal messages to numerous singles who might have caught your eye. You shouldn’t feel as if your world revolves around any dating site. It will only compound your sense of rejection if you spend too long online chasing after people. And other site users might get a hint of your desperation.


Don’t look for an instant replacement

One of the worst things you can do with any dating app after a breakup is to use it to try and find a version of your ex-partner. You are going to seriously hamper your chances of entering into a new, fulfilling relationship if you spend all your time hoping to recreate what you’ve just lost. So forget about trawling through profiles searching for someone with similar facial characteristics. Or a description revealing they enjoy the same hobbies and interests. This would be symptomatic of an unhealthy obsession for an unhappy past. Far better to consider starting afresh, with a partner who possesses completely different attributes.


Keep dates short and sweet

When you do arrange a date via a dating app, don’t anticipate an epic encounter worthy of some big screen romance. Keep your initial get-together low-key. Rather than inviting them for a three-course dinner at the 5-star restaurant which has been getting rave reviews, settle for a coffee and an intimate chat. If you sense there’s a degree of chemistry there, then by all means plan for something a bit more ambitious next time.


Get back into the saddle!

However you approach online dating, perhaps the best advice of all is simply this. Look forward to getting back into it. You may well feel emotionally bruised and unsure if you’re ready to bare your soul with someone else so quickly. Rest assured, there is no better time than the present. If you develop this mindset about being willing to put your trust in your dating app again, the rest will follow in due course. In no time at all, you will be chatting merrily with an attractive single, and the subject of your breakup will be consigned to distant memory.


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